Tuesday, 5 January 2016



It's been so long since I last blogged, so I'm treating this as a fresh start! 2015 was a tough year and all my plans for my business got pushed aside by coping with what life threw at me. On the plus side, I'm still here, and now even more determined to make the most of this year...and life in general! Go Jess! :)

After reading Ladybird Likes post on New Year Goals, I thought I'd be cheeky and share mine too!

Business Goals: Stitches and Stars.

- Relaunch website & blog, incorporating fancy new branding!
- blog & update regularly
- take part in 3 craft fairs
- 36 Etsy sales
- develop brand

I know these are quite basic, but I need to keep going and not over-face myself and send myself into a panic!

Personal Goals:

- watch 52 films
- read 26 books
- go to 6 gigs/theatre shows
- escape the UK & go on holiday
- run twice a week
- be happy & stay positive!

Haha, the first two goals cater to my reclusive, dreamer nature, but then the rest will hopefully encourage me to live a little and not hide away too much!
Well, wish me luck and hopefully see me be successful this year! If you want to share your goals, or just point me in the directions of your blogs to read, that'd be lovely!


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